Kiln Dried Shavings

Kiln dried shavings for all your bedding needs

Why Eastern White Pine (EWP) Shavings?

Eastern White Pine (EWP) shavings provide large flakes for better coverage and lower dust. All our EWP is kiln dried, providing superior absorption and comfort. EWP provides good quality animal bedding which is essential for maintaining the health, cleanliness and comfort of your animals.

Why Spruce/Pine/Fir (SPF) Shavings?

Spruce, Pine, Fir shavings provide a cost effective alternative for your animal bedding needs. Finer flakes make for easy clean up while still providing comfort and cleanliness.

Why Our Shavings?

Our shavings are made from 100% virgin wood sourced from our own mills. Both our spruce and pine shavings are a product of kiln dried lumber, removing excess moisture and limiting the risk of possible irritants such as mold.

Our shaving all come from sustainable managed forests and our facilities are all SFI certified. We have three production facilities for guaranteed delivery.

We can provide Eastern White Pine Shavings or Spruce/Pine/Fir Shavings in plastic or paper bagging options either palletized or hand stacked. Please contact your J.D. Irving, Limited representative to discuss the option that best suits your needs. Private labelling options are also available for large volume customers.

Call 1-800-518-7999 to speak with our experienced sales staff.