Eastern White Pine Lumber

Everlasting… character and quality.

Why Eastern White Pine (EWP)?

Eastern White Pine (EWP) is the natural choice where warmth, character and quality are preferred. Everlasting for interior and exterior applications, Eastern White Pine (EWP) has been the traditional choice of craftsmen in New England and Eastern Canada since the 1700s.

Used initially as ship masts, its qualities were known for having incredible strength, the ability to grow true and tall, and yet be very lightweight. Today the growth qualities are the same, and the uses have broadened to interior patterned wainscoting, flooring, moldings, exterior siding, log home construction, crating, packaging, shelving, and furniture.

The Benefits of Pine

  • Eastern White Pine (EWP) is naturally decay resistant
  • Easily shaped and dimensionally stable
  • This soft, stable wood is one of the least resinous of all pines, and has a beautiful red-knotted appearance
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Eastern White Pine (EWP) has a fine grain and uniform texture, allowing it to be shaped, profiled and finished clear, stained or painted, in endless applications interior or exterior

Why Our Pine?

Eastern White Pine (EWP) grows slowly in northern climates, providing a high quality, dimensionally stable product. Eastern White Pine (EWP) is soft, lightweight and durable making it suitable for millwork, paneling, siding, casket making and industrial packaging. It is easy to machine and holds paint and stain extremely well.

  • Two modern manufacturing facilities
  • Largest producer of Eastern White Pine (EWP) in North American
  • All grades certified by the Northeastern Lumberman’s Manufacturing Association (NeLMA).
  • Four grades: Select, Premium, Standard and Industrial

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