Eastern White Cedar Lumber

Beautiful… naturally.

Why Eastern White Cedar?

Cedar is virtually a maintenance free wood. Naturally decay and pest resistant, this beautiful wood has always been the first choice for outdoor projects. From fencing and decking, to lawn furniture, Eastern White Cedar adds warmth and beauty to any home project.

The Benefits of Cedar

  • Cedar cuts easily with minimal cracking and splitting and it sands to a perfect finish
  • It is a beautiful light tan color when freshly milled. It turns silvery-gray with age if exposed to the elements, but can be treated to help retain its color
  • Its neutral color accepts paint or stain easily
  • Ideal for a wide variety of indoor projects such as panelling and molding and, because of its resistance to weather and moisture, white cedar is also perfectly suited for outdoor projects like decking, furniture and fencing
  • One of the top ten preferred species for the home woodworker*

Why Our Cedar?

J.D. Irving, Limited owns the largest stands of Eastern White Cedar in North America and all our land is SFI and ISO 14001 certified. Only J.D. Irving, Limited can ensure a consistent supply of high quality white cedar in sizes to allow a successful and profitable retail woodworking program.

  • available green or dried to 10-12% moisture content
  • a smooth, satiny finish
  • stability in the retail setting

*Source: University of Tennessee survey

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We manufacture 4 grades of Eastern White cedar boards based on input from our end user customers. These grades provide options for you ranging from the high end appearance requirements to more rustic, value driven uses.