Eastern White Cedar Lumber Grades

We manufacture 4 grades of Eastern White cedar boards based on input from our end user customers. These grades provide options for you ranging from the high end appearance requirements to more rustic, value driven uses. Our highest grade, #1, is used primarily for appearance grade applications such as residential fencing. The #1F grade offers a more economical alternative with a #1 face and a more rustic #2 face. Finally, our #3 grade provides you with a value grade more suited for packaging and uses where appearance is less critical.


We manufacture 1x3, 1x4, and 1x6 in 4'-8' lengths. The highest grade for our cedar production, the #1 board is useable on both faces and is characterised by sound, tight knots and no open defects. This grade is used primarily in the manufacture of high end fencing and any interior or exterior finishing work requiring a board with lots of character.

#1 - 1 Face

We manufacture 1x3, 1x4, and 1x6 in 4'-8' lengths. The #1F board has one face graded as #1 and one face that will grade no less than a #2. This board is used where one face will be seen and is a more economical option to the #1 board for similar applications.


We manufacture 1x3, 1x4, and 1x6 in 4'-8' lengths. The #2 board is characterized by some small open defects such as holes, hard rot, and decayed knots that have the propensity to come loose over time. From a distance, this board looks very similar to the higher grades of cedar however, the defects become apparent upon closer inspection. This board will be used in a lower grade fence panel or exterior construction application where a less than perfect sheathing is suitable.


We manufacture 1x3, 1x4, and 1x6 in 4'-8' lengths. The #3 board includes all defects not permitted in the upper grades of the cedar boards. This board will have holes, loose knots, hard rot, and some other less obvious defects such as splits and checks. The #3 board is suitable for crating, reel manufacturing, and packaging of various other products of much higher value than the lumber itself. Cedar makes a fine choice for crating where strength is not as important as weight and workability of the packaging material.

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Product Size Specifications

Nominal Size                                   Actual Size Inches                            Actual Size Millimetres
     1X2                                                0.75in X 1.5in                                        19mm X 38mm
     1X3                                                0.75in X 2.5in                                        19mm X 64mm
     1X4                                                0.75in X 3.5in                                        19mm X 89mm
     1X6                                                0.75in X 5.5in                                       19mm X 140mm

**Not all grades are available in the above sizes