Sustainable Forestry

Investing in a Sustainable Future

Our present and future are defined by our respect for and investment in sustaining the health of our forest. J.D. Irving, Limited believes that healthy, certified forests provide quality products. We work with some of the region’s best scientists and leading environmental groups. The results of their research efforts represent best practices for our foresters and harvesters. Biodiversity and forest health are key measures of sustainability along with the growth of trees for jobs and community prosperity. Our ongoing commitment to investing in people, healthy forests and technology ensures forest products that are world-class – in quality, service, safety and environmental performance.

In addition to ensuring a sustainable timber resource, we are active in the conservation of:

  • Water and water quality
  • Fish and wild life
  • Rare and endangered species
  • Unique areas
  • Recreational areas
  • Old forest habitats
  • Hardwood and mixed wood forest types
  • Recreational areas

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