Understanding Our Impact on the Environment

From seed to shelf, we are focused on sustainability. Responsible stewardship of healthy, sustainable forests for clean air, water, wildlife habitat and a productive source of wood fibre is what defines our success.

Our focus is on reducing our environmental footprint in all of our operations. It is an everyday commitment that all our employees share. Not only is it important to reduce, recycle and reuse, but also to give back to the land that sustains us. Reforestation is part of that commitment.

Reducing fuel consumption, new technology, process improvements, and biomass energy; are just a few of the initiatives we have currently underway. Growing trees is a big part of the solution and we understand the positive impact that growing trees has on the environment. We have planted over 944 million trees since 1957 on our environmentally certified land holdings and we continue to plan ahead to sustain healthy forests.

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