Eastern White Cedar Shims

J.D.Irving, Limited – Eastern White Cedar Shims are a genuine, kiln-dried wood product. Each pack is individually wrapped to stay dry and uniform.

Cedar shims can be used for numerous projects. The most common are for squaring/ leveling window and door frames, counter top and cabinets. Other uses can be: for paint sticks, garden markers, arts and crafts, kindling, and leveling furniture.

  • 100% kiln-dried natural eastern white cedar
  • Naturally resistant to rot and decay
  • Easy to snap
  • Interior or exterior use
  • Renovation/ remodeling or new construction
  • Residential or commercial
  • Two sizes:           

o   D.I.Y - 8 inch nominal  (8 inch actual)  - packaged 80 per box

o   Contractor - 16 inch nominal   (15 ¼ inch actual ) – packaged 12 per box